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"Pyramid" Like Structure Discovered Submerged Off Coast Of Alaska

A GIGANTIC underwater pyramid could be evidence the lost city of Atlantis existed near Alaska, according to conspiracy theorists

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Bomber Pilot Spots UFO In Arizona

Pilot Blenus Green said that the object was extremely bright and "didn't look anything like an airplane

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Why China's Plan For Artificial Moon Is Worrisome

There are very good reasons why the earth has both a day and a night

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Witnessed A Spirit Or A Cryptid? Here's The Right Way To Document It

You can't just rely on your memory to report these sightings

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Was Planet X Sighted In Pennsylvania Footage?

People on social media are claiming that they too have seen the red “moon” in their country

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Massive Planet May Be Hiding In Our Solar System

That planet may have a mass that's 10 times Earth's

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Colonizing Planets May Be Possible With New Breakthrough In Growing Crops In Space

Hormone supports the symbiosis between fungi and plant roots, thus encouraging plants' growth—even under the challenging conditions found in space

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Scientists Create What May Be The Coldest Object In The Universe

This Bose-Einstein condensate was created for six minutes in microgravity on-board a rocket before it fell back to Earth

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A History Of Spirits In The Emerald Isle

So terrifying that all who looked upon her died soon after

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Chinese Media's Artificial Intelligence Virtual News Anchor Makes Debut

"I will work tirelessly to keep you informed as texts will be typed into my system uninterrupted."

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