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"Pyramid" Like Structure Discovered Submerged Off Coast Of Alaska

A GIGANTIC underwater pyramid could be evidence the lost city of Atlantis existed near Alaska, according to conspiracy theorists

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Chinese Scientists Create An Artificial Sun

China's fake sun is even hotter than the real one

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Treasure Hunter Claims To Discover USO In Caribbean Sea

'It was a formation unlike anything I've ever seen related to shipwreck material, it was too big for that.'

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Massive Planet May Be Hiding In Our Solar System

That planet may have a mass that's 10 times Earth's

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What Hell Is The Object In This NASA SOHO Image?

Judging by scale, the object is roughly the size of Earth!

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Spherical UFOs Filmed In Germany

The video appears to show at least 2 strange orbs moving at great speeds near an airplane

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An Interesting, Detailed Report Of A Woman's Yowie Encounters

" I got a knot in my stomach - it was fear. It makes me shake now just talking about it"

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Reports Of "Goblins" Sleeping With Patients, Nurses At A Maternity Ward In Zimbabwe

“One of the women suffered a miscarriage after invisible beings had long sex sessions with her."

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Group Of UFOs Recorded Over Budapest, Hungary

The UFOs seem to be freely moving about without any concerns of being detected, as if purposefully putting on a showy display for the city's residents for nearly an hour!

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Bigfoot Reported In New Jersey's Pine Barrens

She says she saw the man-beast in the rearview mirror. She was always a skeptic, but no more

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